Northside Property Transfers: Feb. 29-March 4


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Brighton Heights

Margaret Vandenbord to Aaron and Devon Conner at 1414 Cooper Ave. for $172,000.
Maureen O’Brien to Dennis Keally at 1131 Cornell St. for $85,000.
US Bank Trust NA trustee to K&N Properties Inc. at 1927 Marmaduke St. for $62,900.


David McCarthy et al. to Vino Valanidi LLC at 2913 California Ave. for $32,000.
Lindsey Davis to Tina Dugan at 1336 Gifford St. for $70,000.
Michael Shamonsky to Sarah Mendak at 3015 Hartman St. for $15,000.
Dolores Anderson Thorns to Andrea Fridley at 1241 Ingham St. for $67,000.
Jason Brewton to Nathan Joseph Hobart at 1025 Smithton Ave. for $60,000.
Peter Blatt et al. to Kevin Rao at 1200 Superior Ave. for $56,500.

Central Northside

Pittsburgh Property Guy H1 L.P. to Erika Andino at 1210 Loraine St. for $37,000.
GO Realty LLC to Sukanya Romyanon and Jude Hays at 212 Alpine Ave. for $402,614.

Summer Hill

Frances Sloboda to Eugene and Antoinette Pancheri at 4200 Evergreen Road for $85,000.

Troy Hill

Veysel Tahan to Luckey Family Holdings LLC at 1416 Claim St. for $30,000.
Suzan Keller to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 2102 Straubs Lane for $3,742 by sheriff’s deed.


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