Northside Property Transfers: Feb. 20-24, 2017


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Allegheny City Central

Brian Toevs trustee to Justin Brown and Joshua Hill at 1517 Federal St. for $404,000.

Joshua Glover to Ramzi Khalil at 1443 Sandusky St. for $95,000.

Allegheny West

Jeffrey Trebac to Cate Adams and Mark Keller at 833 Dounton Way for $175,000.

Robert Kirk Bridges to Fallon LLC at 920 Western Ave. for $195,000.

Brighton Heights

John Sosinski to Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC at 3415 Fleming Ave. for $4,000.


Banc California NA to INTISSAR LLC at 3127 Oxfield St. for $8,500.

Michael Guthrie to Homes4Comfort LLC at 2800-2802 Stayton St. for $140,750.

Dennis Towe to Timothy Myers at 1537 Woodland Ave. for $40,000.

California Kirkbride

Investment Property Group LLC to Walz Street Ventures LLC at 1213 Marshall Ave. for $56,000.

East Deutschtown

Pittsburgh City Treasurer to Kimberly Basick and Chris Waraks at 832 Peralta St. for $2,230.

Historic Deutschtown

Thomas Crowley to Palais Real Estate LLC at 510 Lockhart St. for $175,000.


Reinhold Ice Cream Co. to Specialty Concessions Inc. at 1332-1336 Hopkins St. for $25,000.

Ryan Yorgey to Keith and Mary Anne Shreckengast at 1305 Liverpool St. for $328,000.

Observatory Hill

Jean Borek to Christina Grace Bui at 3973 Evergreen Road for $52,500.

Lori Carter Evans to James Washabaugh at 3740 Perrysville Ave. for $92,004.

Orion Portfolio Management LLC to Christen and Guy Russo at 3400 Portola St. for $151,000.

Perry Hilltop

Joseph DeIuliis to M&M Development Holdings LLC at 1942 Buena Vista St. for $11,500.

Spring Hill

Linda Land aka Miller to Gregory Nye at 24 Woessner St. for $42,000.

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