Northside Property Transfers: Feb. 13-17, 2017


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Allegheny City Central

Allegheny City Central Assn. to Kamran Development LLC at 107 Alpine Ave. for $10,000.

Elizabeth Pond to Keith Reimink et al. and Blair Schoenborn at 1515 Federal St. for $346,000.

Estate of Brewer Wilkerson to Justine Cunningham at 501 Jefferson St. W and Garfield Ave. for $60,000.

Brighton Heights

ANM Holding LLC to Andrew Lacy Jr. at 3571 Elmhurst Ave. for $35,000.


ANM Holding LLC to Andrew Lacy Jr. at 2660 California Ave. for $40,000.

Linda Malara to Kevin Fleming at 1276 Hodgkiss St. for $57,500.

June Colaianne to Amanda Smith and Susan Miller at 1407 Woodland Ave. for $107,000.

East Deutschtown

Pittsburgh City to East End Group LLC at 815 Spring Garden Ave. for $8,900.


Edward Doubt to Jamie Lusty at 219 Henderson St. for $80,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Joseph Marfisi trustee to Robert Kovalan at 716 Cedar Ave. for $74,000.

Observatory Hill

William Bond Waddell trustee to Jeffrey Hawk at 3358 Perrysville Ave. for $230,000.

Ras Davis to Kelsey Lansaw at 3903 Vinceton St. for $105,000.

Troy Hill

Colin Reilly to Jeffrey and Melanie Fletcher at 1139 Goettman St. for $112,000.

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