Allegheny City Central

Estate of Michael Thompson to Hooked Up Property Solutions Inc. at 1234 Monterey St. for $90,000.

East Deutschtown

Carlos Torres to 1301 Grandview 1 LLC at 849 Suismon St. for $38,000.
Laura Nee to Anthony Nee at 826 Tripoli St. for $50,000.


BJJ US Pittsburgh LLC to Vincent Miller at 1712 Meadville St. for $23,000.

Historic Deutschtown

J Douglas Holdings LLC to RVF Holdings LLC at 1113 Linden Pl for $225,000.


Pittsburgh City to Creative Solutions Investments LLC at 1304 Decatur St. for $3,179.
North Lincoln LLC to Astrobotic Real Estate Holdings LLC at 1016 N Lincoln Ave. for $3,853,000.
1415 Sheffield Street LLC to Edward Stengel Jr. at 1415 Sheffield St. for $210,000.


William Boyce Sommer to Luis Mario Soto Roque at 1515 Eckert St. for $2,500.

Observatory Hill

Kenneth Dandridge to Marlex Properties LLC at 3113 Perrysville Ave. for $68,000.
Peter Torquato to Brent McBride at 4238 Perrysville Ave. for $95,000.

Perry Hilltop

East Crew Horizons LLC to Vincent Miller at 445 Kennedy Ave. for $13,900.


Donna Schilling Butler to Tyrone Gault II at 206 Cutler St. for $2,500.

Spring Garden

Colin Reilly to Will Giannotti at Tell St. (Vacant Lot) for $3,500.

Spring Hill

Werner Krupp to JW Korn Properties LLC at 1002 Yetta Ave. for $68,000.

Summer Hill

AnsyleneCarey Enciso Fink to TW Holdings 15 LLC at 3547 Sirius St. for $90,000.

Troy Hill

AABBCDE Trustee 17 LLC trustee to R & C Property Solutions LLC at 2016 Lowrie St. for $73,000.

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