Allegheny City Central

Blest Investment Group LLC to Susan Marriott and Jeffrey Allen Dee at 1423 Boyle St. for $343,400.

Stuart Broberg to Jesus Hoyos at 206 E. Jefferson St. for $8,000.

Stephen Beckjord to Anthony Rosello and Anupama Narayanan at 514 Jacksonia St. for $347,000.


Brighton Heights

John Pusateri to East Crew Horizons LLC at 1249 Benton Ave. for $34,428.

Kerry Huffman to Greg Manganas at 1265 Benton Ave. for $51,000.

River Point Renovations LLC to Stephen McGaughey at 4011 California Ave. for $224,000.

Estate of Judith Salamacha to Paula Matthews at 1107 Davis Ave. for $140,000.

LSF9 Master Participation Trust to K&N Properties Inc. at 1441 Davis Ave. for $45,000.

Estate of Mary Kraus to Altra Property Solutions LLC at 3621 Elmhurst Ave. for $130,000.

Shoshana Bechor to Gregory Lou and Jiangyang Zhang at 3419 Fleming Ave. for $33,000.

Joel Sanchez Palomino to James Damian and James Steven Founds at 1625 Orchlee St. for $85,000.

Michael Laughlin to Yen Lun Lai and Chung Fei Shen at 1229 Termon Ave. for $105,000.



Estate of Sharon Siebert to Marlex Properties LLC at 3226 California Ave. for $28,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $79,458) by sheriff’s deed.

Christina Diane Zern to Equity Trust Co. Cust FBO #200251015 IRA at 49 Courtright St. for $13,000.

Global Premier Asset Management LLC to James Jones at 2803 McDowell St. for $11,799.

Melgranah USA Holdings LLC to Raoul Segarra at 3035 Shadeland Ave. for $91,000.

Patricia Mielke to Peach Blossom Properties LLC at 1043 Smithton Ave. for $10,500.

John Pusateri to East Crew Horizons LLC at 3139 Sorento St. for $36,000.


East Deutschtown

DJP Property Source LLC to Paul Bench at 905 Constance St. for $76,000.



Columbus Square Assoc. Model Home 3 L.P. to James and Betty Robinson at 1252 Juniata St. for $385,000.

Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill Development Corp. to Stephanie Lauren Stauffer at 115 Bonvue St. for $165,000.

John Smith to David Malter at 3728 East St. for $96,000.

Vincent Graziani to Sreysor Rose Sam at 4160 Perrysville Ave. for $125,000.


Perry Hilltop

Estate of Darlene Goodwine to MTGLQ Investors L.P. at 309 Kennedy Ave. for $2,851 by sheriff’s deed.

John Pusateri to East Crew Horizons LLC at 445 Kennedy Ave. for $41,000.

George Heinlein to Michael Vaughn II at 2539 Perrysville Ave. for $14,000.


Spring Hill

Ilene Clokey Macey to Douglas Kocian at 46 Solar St. for $50,000.

Plenty Properties LLC to Andre Tennant at 1122 Fabyan St. for $3,100.

Estate of Ronald Fosnaught to Shaun Hegerty at 5 Nettie St. for $50,500.


Troy Hill

Christine Lynne LLC to Brian Campbell at 1745 Cowley St. for $70,000.

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