Allegheny City Central

Laszlo Tikk to Katherine O’Connor at 1218 Resaca Pl for $272,000.
KAG Ltd. 2 L.P. to Diljit Singh Khara and Nancy Virk at 1311 Sandusky St. for $50,000.
Amanda Lam to NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC at 1522 Arch St. for $20,000.

Brighton Heights

Louise Kane to Haven Home Builders LLC at 1461 Benton Ave. for $125,000.
Oscar Portillo to Mustafa Kizilkaya at 3408 California Ave. for $37,000.
Focused Appreciation L.P. to GT Property Holdings LLC at 3521 Shadeland Ave. for $55,000.


Chandler Wolf to NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC at 1427 Adams St. for $140,000.
Creative Solutions Investments LLC to NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC at 1304 Decatur St. for $59,500.
Jaime Akrie to Misty Thomas at 1443 Nixon St. for $190,000.
Cathy Jo Restelli IRA to Northside Properties Residences 4 LLC at Sedgwick St. (Vacant Land) for $4,500.


Jacqueline Hummel to Brightwood Holdings LLC at 1242 Thelma St. for $15,500.

Observatory Hill

Gerald Ricci trustee to Brandt Egerter at Bothwell St. for $35,000.
Martin Ramaeckers to Rosewood Development Group LLC at 3907 Vinceton St. for $40,000.

Perry Hilltop

Donna Ross to 614 Homes LLC at 2247 Wilson Ave. for $55,000.

Troy Hill

Michael Albrethsen to Andrew Chiccitt at 1354 Herman St. for $159,000.

*Editor’s note: This post has been updated to reflect the correct dates. We regret the error. 1/16/2020

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