Brighton Heights

Jon Replogle to Peter Shipe and Joseph Heiles at 3730 Atkins St. for $155,000.
Ryan Christoff to Chido Vera at 3825 California Ave. for $87,200.
Helen Windisch to Lucas Windisch at 307 Squire Cir for $80,000.


J. Thomas Seabrooke to SRG Holdings L.P. at 1916 St. Ives St. for $20,000.


Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority to Manchester Row House Renaissance LLC at 1420-1430 Rush St. for $2,501.


Jennifer Morrow to Allison McLachlan at 2619 Brighton Road for $162,050.
Jason Durler to Khari Konstruction Co. at 1351 Woods Run Ave. for $26,790.

Spring Garden

Estate of Barbara Cox to Charles Beech Properties 100 LLC at 1704 Spring Garden Ave. for $41,000.

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