Allegheny City Central

Salvation Army to Douglas and Nancy Ostrow at 100 W. North Ave. for $480,000.

Salvation Army to COA SUB Inc. at 104 W. North Ave. for $320,000.


Allegheny West

James Dorsey to Aaron Bryan and Sandra Allen at 841 Beech Ave. for $380,000.

Brighton Heights

Michael Hoss to Walz Street Venture LLC at 3442 Corona St. for $54,000.

Michele Cloonan et al. to Thomas Reiser III at 3846 McClure Ave. for $170,000.

James Steven Founds et al. to James Damian Founds at 1625 Orchlee St. for $85,000.


Pittsburgh Brighton FDS 713418 LLC to KMPP Brighton LLC at 3210 Brighton Road for $2,750,000.



Stephen Klein to Kevin Brozi at 1936 Letsche St. for $5,000.


Historic Deutschtown

Michael Senko et al. to Joseph and Glorita Cuiffi at 616 Foreland St. for $508,000.

Richard Webb to Joshua Huber and Brian Honigman at 602 Lockhart St. Unit 7 for $93,500.



Edward Pinto to TS PIT LLC at 1417 Faulsey Way for $2,921.


Observatory Hill

John Ciufi to Emma Clarke and Jason Huston at 118 Radium St. for $169,500.

Pittsburgh City to John and Cherise Rossmiller at 49 Riverview Ave. for $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $23,028).


Perry Hilltop

Bruce Berman to CN 110 Enterprises LLC at 2624 Norwood Ave. for $10,000.


Spring Hill

William Madden to Kyle Winkler at 1643 Sophia St. for $82,500.

Estate of George Francis Jelinek to Raymond and Georgia Wappes at 1206 Yetta Ave. for $42,000.

Summer Hill

Matthew Barcus to Wilbur and Renee Christman at 4466 Rodenbaugh Ave. for $135,000.


Troy Hill

Dennis Winghart to Cory and Lisa Mastalski at 1815 Eberhardt St. for $75,000.

Estate of Walter Grabowski to Robert Fallon at 1825 Elbow St. for $25,000.

Raymond Hubert to QGE Holdings LLC at 1525 Lowrie St. for $58,500.

Joseph Giorgianni Jr. et al. to Joan Snyder trustee at 48 Waterfront Drive for $650,000.

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