Allegheny City Central

Lee Van Voorhis to Ramsay Hartley at 1217 Buena Vista St. for $400,000.
James Welker trustee to Resaca Assoc. LLC at 1201 Monterey St. for $178,000.
EZG Ltd. LLC to Scott Pauley at 1409 Arch St. for $220,000.

Allegheny West

Sharon Bradley to Joseph Froetschel and Marla Presley at 911 Beech Ave. for $525,000.

Brighton Heights

Matt Juzwick to Rachel Sarah Jenista at 3827 Atkins St. for $216,500.
Nicholas Corbett to Patricia Sweeney at 3607 California Ave. Unit A for $150,000.
Michael Burton to James Caudill at 3334 Harbison St. for $157,500.
David Kreimer to Caroline Shaw at 1818 Kleber St. for $287,000.
Robert Garvin Jr. to Michael Homza at 4000 Shoreham St. for $145,000

East Deutschtown

Theodore Zellers to 12.21 Holdings LLC at 1014 Constance St. for $24,000.


Robert Parise to Emily Sipes at 2015 Osgood St. for $160,400.

Historic Deutschtown

Thomas James Nolf to Cara Jean Cavanaugh at 607 Suismon St. for $510,000.


Patriot Investment Properties Inc. to Nixon Street Holdings LLC at 1400 Nixon St. for $330,000.
Real Estate Cash Flow Investors LLC to William Brogan III and Lyndsey Broderick at 1240 Pennsylvania Ave. for $175,000.

Observatory Hill

Todd Collar to Dominic Grigore and Elizabeth Seymour at 21 Defoe St. for $195,000.
National Apartment Leasing Co. GP to Houston Starr Co. at 3001 Marshall Road for $265,000.

Spring Garden

Real Deals LLC to Riscott Investments LLC at 1012-1014 High St. for $42,000.

Troy Hill

Brian Fisher to Anthony Francis and Margaret Ann Spagnolo at 1309 Lowrie St. for $23,500.

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