Allegheny City Central

Monterey Street Project LLC to Brian Enterline at 1224 Monterey St. for $555,000.

Brighton Heights

Carol Bowers to Brian Moser at 3710 Atkins St. for $15,000.

Michael Hoss to Walz Street Venture LLC at 3442 Corona St. for $55,000.



Landry Jr. & Assoc. LLC to Deutsch & Assoc. LLC at 175 Lecky Ave. for $7,000.


Historic Deutschtown

Kim Hyde et al. to Keith and Michelle Grimm at 908 Moravian Way for $10,838.



Michael Latta to Anna Katunina Rodriguez at 1309 Sigel St. for $23,500.


Perry Hilltop

OGR Realty 3 L.P. to Isidoro Gatica Barrera at 2655 Ellis St. for $10,000.

Blaine Edwards to Roger Montgomery at 222 Seabright St. for $83,000.


Observatory Hill

Michael Ann Cerniglia to Chase Sterling at 3024 Mt. Allister Road for $100,000.

Estate of Tomas Gray to Eugene McCourt at 4131 Perrysville Ave. for $163,000.

Lukuman Lawal to Oladele Baoku at 241 Watson Blvd. for $90,000.


Summer Hill

Marian Corcoran estate et al. to Jennifer Lentz at 4509 Cherryland St. for $125,000.

Estate of Carl Hirce to Andrew Chulack at 4144 Evergreen Road for $97,000.


Troy Hill

Christine Janczak to Ophelia M Gonzalez Nix at 1344 Lowrie St. for $85,500.

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