Northside Property Transfers: Dec. 7-11


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Brighton Heights

Carmen Misiti to Christopher and Sheila Guzzy at 4060 Cambronne St. for $35,000.

Harry Leicher to Lisa Vogel and Kenneth Vogel Jr. at 915 Haller St. for $49,000.

Chad Stepke to Matthew and Angela Haule at 3831 McClure Ave. for $134,900.

Greenbriar Investment Co. LLC to Zena Smith Hale and Jason Hale at 2016 Stonelea St. for $133,560.

Reinford Fischer to Gregory and David Boyd at 1159 Termon Ave. for $40,000.

Jodi Ann Johnson to Quality Homes Investments LLC at 3817 Wilksboro St. for $47,500.


Mehgan McAfee to Christiana Howell at 1320 Woodland Ave. for $89,000.

Central Northside

Douglas Nimmo et al. to Schenley Capital Partn. LLC at 1327 Arch St. for $300,000.

William Joyce Jr. to Blest Investment Group LLC at 1416 Boyle St. for $55,000.

Canty Knowles Gore & Co. Inc. to Jose Bernardo at 204 E. Jefferson St. for $25,000.

Pittsburgh City to David Brown Jr. and Beth Brown at 240 E. Jefferson St. for $3,900.

Jill Palmer to Maria Romito at 1419 Sandusky St. for $2,750.


Joseph Williams III to Bruce Williams at 1330 Pennsylvania Ave. for $97,200.

Perry Hilltop

Jason Sauer to Most Wanted House LLC at 258 Kennedy Ave. for $25,000.

AIH LLC to Daniel Kubaczyk at 306 Kennedy Ave. for $42,000.

Spring Hill

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to William Schober at 44 Rostock St. for $2,000.

Troy Hill

William Urbanic to Michael and Timothy Albrethsen at 1354 Herman St. for $13,000.

William Hinchey to Eva Szigethy and Kevin Reilly at 6 Waterside Place for $601,000.


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