Northside Property Transfers: Dec. 26-30, 2016


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Brighton Heights

Ashley Allgyer to SIRVA Relocation Credit LLC at 4034 California Ave. for $225,000.

Sirva Relocation Credit LLC to Moriah Jamron and Daniel Critics at 4034 California Ave. for $225,000.

Tracey Lee Smith to AIH LLC at 3510 Massachusetts Ave. for $15,500.

Observatory Hill

Kimberly Williams to Courtney and Dianne Haymon at 101 Perryview Ave. for $112,678.

Christopher Bostwick to Thomas Poet III at 39 Watson Blvd. for $82,000.

Summer Hill

Michele Recker to Bethany Yates at 115 Van Buren St. for $90,500.

Troy Hill

Lawrence Bock et al. to R Dennis and Angela Hughes at 1501 Lowrie St. for $45,000.

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