Northside Property Transfers: Dec. 22-26


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Allegheny West

Charles Menzock to CMDB Holdings LLC at 837 Behan St. for $344,856.

Brighton Heights

Theresa Wertz to Marilyn Notaro at 114 Bookbinders Circle for $138,000.

George Smith to John Phillips and Joan Russell at 3900 Brighton Road for $117,500.

Marilyn Notaro to Charles Mulligan at 4015 Cambronne St. for $130,000.

Daniel Onorato to Jason Dailey at 3941 Drexel Road for $149,900.

Estate of Carole Partridge to John Phillips at 4000 Drexel Road for $60,000.

Scott Hunt to Neil and Kelly O’Keefe at 3543 Massachusetts Ave. for $29,000.

Kimberly Ann Hemke to Albert Lardo at 3151 McClure Ave. for $15,000.

James Hanna to AR&R International LLC at 3838 Oswego St. for $42,000.

Iolean Novak to William Thewes II at 3408 Rigel St. for $74,000.

Marla Blagg to Kerry and Anthony Gossett at 3475 Shadeland Ave. for $137,500.

Robert Martinac to Joseph Thomas Glassbrenner at 3818 Wilksboro St. for $113,500.


One Pine 8 LLC to Brian and Kate Moser at 2826 Breker St. for $20,100.

Estate of Charlotte Stephany to Anthony Blackburn at 1416 Casement St. for $45,000.

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Katie Jacobs and Carl Valenti at 1400 Dickson St. and Mullins St. for $29,900.

James Montgomery to Heather Lamb at 1101 Smithton Ave. for $10,000.

Raymond Kleppick Jr. to Jamie Lynn Norton and Virginia Myers at 2624 Stayton St. for $25,000.

Central Northside

Northside Worldwide Inc. to Jeffrey Ryan Suzik at 1217 Arch St. for $295,000.

Charles Menzock to CMDB Holdings LLC at 837 Behan St. for $344,856.

Dirk Thomas Design Build to William Parker Jr. and Nichele Parker at 1207 Sandusky St. for $250,000.

East Deutschtown

Three Rivers Assoc. to Linda Minor at 917 Spring Garden Ave. for $35,000.


Ana Hernandez to Kimberly McMurtry at 1236 Juniata St. for $229,900.

Manchester Housing Development LLC to Molly Mae Arthur at 1414 Juniata St. for $210,621.

Estate of Marilyn Adams to Betsy O’Neill at 1417 Sheffield St. for $125,000.

Observatory Hill

Clifford Todd Stewart to Robert Raper and Beatrice Lagorio at 3333 Delaware St. for $89,000.

Frederick David Coleman to Eric and Autumn Williams at 3202 Perrysville Ave. for $290,000.

Capri Properties to Observatory Hill Development Corp. at 3923 Perrysville Ave. for $80,000.

Estate of William Schmidt to Observatory Hill Development Corp. at 3917-3919 Perrysville Ave. 3921 for $115,000.

Marjorie Hathaway to Hannah Brehm Sundberg and Matthias Sundberg at 91 Watson Blvd. for $115,500.

Spring Hill

PNC Bank NA to Brandon Ference at 1310 Firth St. for $11,501.

Kevin McGuire to Big Babec33 L.P. at 1120 Fabyan St. for $8,500.

Douglas Dulski to Richard Valorie Jr. at 1001 Shreve St. for $61,250.

Troy Hill

Helen Hodnik Pope to David and Pamela Barie at 1711 Cowley St. for $20,000.

Pittsburgh Landmark Group LLC to Israel and Tova Michalsky at 1940 Ley St. for $56,000.

Mildred Sporcic to Omar Abuhejleh at 1631 Lowrie St. for $90,200.


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