Northside Property Transfers: Dec. 12-16, 2016



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Brighton Heights

US Bank NA trustee to Banally Northside 2 Trust #1003504 at 3504 Corona St. for $27,750.

Estate of Stella Sciranka to Pamela Cashdollar at 3518 Massachusetts Ave. for $35,000.

Audrey McConville to Janice Markovich at 1215 San Pedro St. for $121,000.

Andrew Hebson Jr. to Corinne Mallory at 1156 Termon Ave. for $145,000.

Ricardo Rivera to Deborah McKinney at 1145 W. Point Ave. for $240,000.


James Robert Jones to Frances Gasior at 3 Courtright St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $37,490).

Estate of John Stankovich to Travis Wanner at 1429 Eckert St. for $25,000.

Susan Rose Scott et al. to Gunay Gursoy at 2903 Hartman St. for $12,000.

Central Nothside

Andrew Vagley to Amanda McFadden at 401 Jacksonia St. for $288,000.


Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority to Aero Tech Designs Inc. at 2345 Preble Ave. for $18,000.


Gwendolyn Kemp to Anthony Williams at 1811 Meadville St. for $120,000.

William Todaro to Brandy and Garret Barona at 2022 Osgood St. for $64,000.

Observatory Hill

David Wilson to US Bank Trust NA trustee at 74 Bascom Ave. for $9,700 by sheriff’s deed.

Steven Gabbert to Leslie Hauser at 3633 Baytree St. for $95,900.

Jeremy Paolino to Observatory Hill Development Corp. at 125 Bonvue St. for $15,000.

Evlena Blanchard to Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC at 4 Bonvue St. for $31,022 by sheriff’s deed.

Thomas Maidens to Gilah Shobi Salas and Nathan Lee Hyde at 3005 Mt. Allister Road for $189,900.

Estate of John Blyshak Jr. to Antonio Gatto at 11 Perryview Ave. for $15,000.

Spring Garden

Carl Hoffield to Spring Garden Storage LLC at 1414 Spring Garden Ave. for $50,000.

Spring Hill

Daniel Fairbanks to Nicole Gallagher at 1241 Haslage Ave. for $75,000.

DTD Properties Inc. to Tony and Denise Speer at 1804-1806 Rhine St. for $33,700.

Summer Hill

Kelly Policicchio to Scott Moore and Nicole Barton at 4468 Scherling St. for $114,000.

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