Brighton Heights

Matthew Palmelee to Anthony David Ricchiuto at 3970 Brandon Road for $195,000.
Kirk Mancuso to Daniel Heuer at 1441 Orchlee St. for $195,000.
Troy Hill Homes LLC to John Schantz IV and Courtney Schantz at 1514 Orchlee St. for $311,111.

East Deutschtown

Caroline Jadlowiec to Albert Lerini at 856 Concord St. for $67,000.


Anthony Dipardo to Kristin Hanne at 1623 Meadville St. for $161,000.

Historic Deutschtown

East Ohio Capital LLC to Tadda LLC at 709 East St. for $160,000.
Tri State Land Co. to Foreland LLC at 608 Foreland St. for $500,000.


William Brown to 300 Realty LLC at 1135 Pennsylvania Ave. for $75,000.
Edward Seftas to Andrew Jowers at 1313 Pennsylvania Ave. for $189,000.


Simone Benning to Generation Realty LLC at 3126 Brighton Road for $8,000.
Jonathan Camp to Kevin Beck and Marie Barcie at 3128 Brighton Road for $75,312.
Theresa Healy to Sharnell Baker at 3034 Shadeland Ave. for $165,000.

Observatory Hill

Jeffrey Heil to Adam Stokes and Kayla Washko at 305 Richey Ave. for $234,000.
Michael Jalik Hall to Carolyn Ferrick at 404 Wabana St. for $142,800.

Perry Hilltop

Triple Helix LLC to Bollinger Rei LLC at 417 Marshall Ave. for $72,000.
Golden Key Development LLC to Adam Toth at 2727 Perrysville Ave. for $52,000.

Summer Hill

Kevin Hodges to Joseph Mazzocco at 274 Morrisey St. for $165,000.
Daniel Hankins to Daniel John Scullion at 4453 Sovereign St. for $194,000.

Troy Hill

Marissa Gallagher to Andrew and Susan Rauth at 2034 Eggers St. for $259,000.
Philip Coiro to Thomas Hanna at 1127 Goettman St. for $380,000.
James Schwinn to Hahna Alexander at 2171 Lowrie St. for $251,000.
Paul Harris to Stephan Wolski at 33 Waterfront Drive for $538,300.

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