Allegheny City Central

Robert Weis Jr. to Alexander Scott at 218 W. North Ave. for $207,500.
David Kevin Head to Ryan and Heather Foley Williams at 525 Armandale St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $3,534).
JED Investments LLC to Ryan and Heather Foley Williams at 1538 Monterey St. for $390,000.

Brighton Heights

Hamdija Becirevic to Michael Conrad Jacobs and Mengi Sirazitdinova at 3833 California Ave. for $130,000.
Estate of Harold Lang to Travis Wanner at 3727 Millerton Ave. for $52,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Claudia Brown Chaney to Pridewell LLC at 517 Suismon St. for $67,000.


Glenn Washington to Adam Perl at 1400 Adams St. for $178,000.


Joseph Blyth to Chad Szalkowski Ference at 1425 Dickson St. for $106,000.
Helen Hunt to Allison Fong at 3158 Sorento St. for $49,000.

Perry Hilltop

Charles Steinert Jr. to Mitchell and Kathleen Cheeseman at 2858 Perrysville Ave. for $299,000.
Portrait Homes LLC to Sally Stadelman at 272 Kennedy Ave. for $50,000.

Observatory Hill

Oakstone Capital LLC to Jennifer Ortiz at 22 Dunlap St. for $103,000.
John Salamacha to Nicholas and Kenya Sero at 4052 Grizella St. for $186,000.

Spring Hill

James Tortella to Richard Tortella at 1901 Rockledge St. for $108,000.
Lori Messmer et al. to Sean Durler at 1143 Buente St. for $6,000.

Summer Hill

Fred LaBella to Roy Mazzoleni at 510-514 Ivory Ave. for $80,000.

Troy Hill

Janet Wenger to Andrew Siegfried at 1811-1815 Niggel St. for $90,500.
Pittsburgh City to Ross Cunningham at 2039 Straubs Lane for $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $9,918).
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