Allegheny City Central

Joshua Suhey to Nathan Yesko at 1402 Sherman Ave. for $258,000.

Allegheny West

Standard Holdings LLC to Astrobotic Real Estate Holdings LLC at 1127 Western Ave. for $3,000,000.

Brighton Heights

Robin White to Benjamin Brode at 3529 Gerber Ave. for $190,000.
Timothy Campbell to Christopher Campbell and Meredith Douthett at 3536 Massachusetts Ave. for $74,999.
Kelli Bradford to Brandi and Hannah Hahn Hollee at 1017 Pemberton St. for $278,000.
N. William Good to Good & Moore Real Estate Holdings LLC at 1017 Reiss St. for $60,420.
Gary Eckhardt to Sarah Reed Souders at 1112 Termon Ave. for $169,000.
Christopher Kramer to Tanya Bass at 2027 Termon Ave. for $66,000.


Pittsburgh City to Calvin Sheffield at 1010-1012 Decatur St. for $3,300.
Landmarks Development Corp. to Jeffrey Cooper at 1403 Pennsylvania Ave. for $250,000.

Observatory Hill

Aaron Baker to Erica and Jason Snyder at 3362 Delaware St. for $94,950.
Anthony Balawejder to Akil Blount Exclusive Enterprises LLC at 27 Semicir St. for $10,000.

Perry Hilltop

John Churay to LSRB LLC at 1950 Lithgow Ave. for $9,000.

Spring Garden

Estate of Patricia Panion to Justin Sovak at 1109 Spring Garden Ave. for $175,000.

Spring Hill

Brian Dawson to Aaron and Catherine Basskin at 931 Haslage Ave. for $295,000.
PGH Investors Inc. to Lawrenceville Property Group Inc. at 1026 Shreve St. for $74,000.

Summer Hill

Bruce Barger to Austin Ramsey and Jenna Grogan at 122 Montville St. for $220,000.

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