Allegheny Central

Armandale Properties LLC to Orion Portfolio Management LLC at 712 Armandale St. for $175,000.

Stephen Cheek to Orion Portfolio Management LLC at 719 Columbia Place for $5,000.

Francisco Selles to Daniel and Laura Dennehy Rodriguez at 1410 Federal St. for $330,000.


Brighton Heights

Lia Bemporad to Neil O’Keefe at 1619 Antrim St. for $28,000.

Byron Joyce to MTGLQ Investors L.P. at 1471 Benton Ave. for $3,369 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $73,530) by sheriff’s deed.

David McCarthy to Katina Lee at 4044 California Ave. for $130,000.

Andrew Balint to John and Robert Pillar at 1001 Haller St. for $120,000.

John Iatesta to Central Penn Capital Management LLC at 3834 McClure Ave. for $41,041 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $117,300) by sheriff’s deed.

Perry D Edwards to River Point Renovations 2 LLC at 3935 N. Kleber St. for $80,000.

MTGLQ Investors L.P. to Xiuzhen Zeng at 4015 Oswald St. for $55,500.

Erica Stubna to Toni Lynn Spagoli at 3334 Rigel St. for $95,000.

Alexander Jameson et al. to Deutsch & Assoc. LLC at 3434 Sipe St. for $15,000.



Keith Koll to Steve Bernardi at 12 Boston St. for $2,000.

Numan Bashir to Mohamed Youssef and Karlyn Khalil at 1124 Woodland Ave. for $15,000.



William Bures et al. to Scott Jones at 1206 Success St. for $44,300.


Historic Deutschtown

Equity Trust Co. Cust FBO 106986 IRA to Andrew Vagley at 515 Knoll St. for $85,000.

Pittsburgh City to Omid and Erin Gohari at 847 Lovett Way for $1,850.


Observatory Hill

Julie Norris to Sheena Vidt at 3846 Baytree St. for $45,000.

Kathleen Oblik to Hannah Nicole Greguric at 235 Watson Blvd. for $57,500.


Perry Hilltop

Bank New York Mellon Trust Co. NA trustee to NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC at 133 Hawkins Ave. for $15,900.

Richard Panizza to Lay Real Estate LLC at 221 Kennedy Ave. for $2,300.

Michael Patrick McQuaid to Rebecca Grabman at 46 W. McIntyre Ave. for $74,500.


Spring Garden

Mark Anthony Rodriguez to Nicholas Earnest at 1105 Spring Garden Ave. for $149,900.


Spring Hill

Gordon Tujague to Christopher Rudzki at 1310 Diana Place for $55,000.

Dean Dulski to Christiana Trust trustee at 2107 Harbor St. for $2,726 by sheriff’s deed.

Irene Oesterle et al. to Keith Oesterle at 2217 Harbor St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $30,153).


Summer Hill

Billy Brennen to Burlton Griffith II and Tara Gainfort at 142 Montville St. for $102,500.


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