Allegheny City Central

Aunt Norma’s House LLC to Heather Johnson and Camden Leeds at 1513 Arch St. for $96,053.
Russell Lieurance to Joshua and Christy Cozby at 318 Jacksonia St. for $230,000.
Edward Slayden to Lauren Uranker and Brittney Krieger at 1721 Buena Vista St. for $315,000.

Brighton Heights

Glow Properties LLC to Enzo Ventures LLC at 3401 California Ave. for $103,500.
Rebecca Anne Frye Patterson to Lora Irene Werkmeister and Michael Joseph McBrearty at 3475 Simen Ave. for $209,000.


Patrick Young to Marvin Michael Pollum Jr. and Denise Marie Pollum at 124 Henderson St. for $262,000.
Richard Stahl to McMyGraf LLC at 1701 Meadville St. for $54,500.
Matthew Scollin to Tanya and Jonathan Brentzel at 1724 Meadville St. for $196,500.


Deutsch & Assoc. LLC to Maurice and Ebony S Bank Hubbard at 838 Grand Ave. for $71,000.

Perry Hilltop

Jeremy Preiss et al. to Gene Nacey and Cathrine Britsch at 1842 Clayton Ave. for $390,000.

Observatory Hill

Derrick Dupree to Stephen Waters at 317 Richey Ave. for $178,000.

Summer Hill

William Rausch Jr. to Michael Nusida at 4434 Cherryland St. for $136,000.
Ralph Freedman to Vincent Chen at 187 Ivory Ave. for $145,000.

Troy Hill

Michael Albrethsen to Peter Albrethsen and Taylor Brennan at 2009 Straubs Lane for $71,000.

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