Allegheny City Central

Novelli Properties LLC to Holli Hoffman at 222 Alpine Ave. for $265,000.
John Warren Keyes to Betha Pausic at 411 Jacksonia St. for $410,000.

Allegheny West

Kirk Mills to Charles Beech Properties 100 LLC at 835 Dounton Way for $45,000.

Brighton Heights

Richard Bigley Jr. to Gabrielle Alexa Franza at 312 Lamplighter Circle for $177,000.
Brad Smith to Kapinga Mulumba at 3532 Corona St. for $164,000.
3 Rivers Group L.P. to Hancock Capital Investments LLC at 3452 McClure Ave. for $61,219.
TB Property Investment LLC to Srishti Goyal and Tanmay Juneja at 1816 Perrott St. for $163,000.
Paul Thompson to Joel David Turley at 108 Richbarn Road for $130,000.
Raymond Mark Zellars to John and Regina Vescio at 3521 Shadeland Ave. for $30,500.
John Vescio to Focused Appreciation L.P. at 3521 Shadeland Ave. for $60,000.
Suchun Yu to Cash for Homes Pittsburgh LLC at 1809 Termon Ave. for $43,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Dale Craig to Kenneth Hale Jr. and Christine Hale at 506 Lockhart St. for $358,500.


Manchester Citizens Corp. to Patrick and Remo Gritz at 1309 Columbus Ave. for $50,000.
East End Group LLC to William and Julie Kaighler at 1213 Liverpool St. for $225,000.


Genon Power Midwest L.P. to Brunot Island Power LLC at Brunots Island for $3,900,000.

Observatory Hill

Gregory Roscoe to Matthew Mason at 207 Bonvue St. for $40,000.
Eugene Hans to Ricardo Marshman Jr. and Vanessa Morgan at 3341 Delaware St. for $130,000.
Brian Dupont to Donna Panagiotou at 4138 Franklin Road for $195,000.

Perry Hilltop

Nicholas Martin to KNE L.P. at 351-353 Marshall Ave. for $166,500.

Spring Hill

Arthur Mustakas to Alaina Investment Co. LLC at 15 Solar St. for $18,000.
Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Emily Laughlin at 1118 Fabyan St. for $50,000.
Michael Seamans to Andrea Smith at 1341 Rescue St. for $215,000.

Troy Hill

Estate of Margaret Miller to Ross Cunningham at 1334 Lowrie St. for $28,025.
Ethan Harow to Mishal Team LLC at 1809 Rialto St. for $120,000.

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