Allegheny City Central

Annette Atwood to KAG Ltd. 2 LLC at 512-514 Eloise St. for $70,000.
Anna Murchison to Westwind Construction Inc. at 1326 Sherman Ave. for $60,000.
Go Realty Management LLC to Christopher and Nikki Thorpe at 244 Alpine Ave. for $600,000.
Andrew Conn to Andrew and Cassandra Oehler at 413 Jacksonia St. for $415,000.

Brighton Heights

Theodore Giese to Wells Fargo Bank Na Tr at 3755 Atkins St. for $17,599 by sheriff’s deed.
Ivorie Law to Levaughn Robinson at 1265 Benton Ave. for $33,988.
Devline Inc. to Cody and Sarah Collins at 3772 California Ave. for $215,000.
Keith Charles Passon Jr. to Evan and James Facer at 4008 Northminister St. for $310,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Graf Partners Lp to JEK 4 Investments LLC at 608 Lockhart St. for $246,500.


Kimberly Bennett to Robert Torres at 1518 Forsythe St. for $1,800.
Secretary Of Housing And Urban Develop to Darryl Bundridge and Lawatha Gonzalez at 3230 Rothpletz St. for $25,000.

Observatory Hill

Jaymes Judd to Zachary and Sarah Emily Weinberg at 3242 Orleans St. for $265,300.
John Gaughan to Virginia Forster at 57 Waldorf St. for $55,000.

Spring Garden

Sequitur Financial LLC to CJ Real Estate Management at 848 Blossom Way for $40,000.

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