Allegheny City Central

Douglas Paul Heckman to Thomas Edmonds at 1209 Boyle St. for $365,000.
Brian Campbell to Gregory and Sarah Darling at 115 Hemlock St. for $467,000.
Jerry Casale Jr. to Casale Development LLC at 119 Guadalupe Pl for $28,158.
Luana Scott to Eric Stern and Evan Zuzik at 26 Jacksonia St. for $560,000.
Jefferson Town Homes in the War StreetsL to Chansoo Lee and Ji Won Ahn at 517 W Jefferson St. for $600,000.

Brighton Heights

Jimmy Z’s Real Estate Management L.P. to Sai Leela Investments LLC at 3889 Brighton Road for $50,000.
Christopher Lyons to David Dembrowski and Melissa Hay at 3222 California Ave. for $49,000.
Aniket Hirebet to City Living Properties LLC at 3809 California Ave. for $284,000.
Brendan William Campbell to Clinton and Dawn Field at 3446 Campus St. for $150,000.
Rushi Homes LLC to Joshua Nathaniel and Lindsay Lee Schriftman at 945 Davis Ave. for $298,000.
Jack Knouse to Dylan Cork and Shannen Davis at 3681 Harbison Ave. for $170,000.


Santos Albert to Kai Guo at 953 Lysle St. for $55,000.

East Deutschtown

Edmund Ostic to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. at 826 Spring Garden Ave. for $385,555.
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Deep Patel at 826 Spring Garden Ave. for $385,555.


Adam Wachter to Jamie Nicole Donne at 1937 Mountford Ave. for $129,000.

Historic Deutschtown

East Allegheny Community Council Inc. to Todd Meyer at Thropp St. (VACANT LAND) for $20,000.
JED Investments LLC to EP2 Real Estate Trust at 613 Tripoli St. for $40,926.


Wiles B Property Resource Group LLC to GCS Georgia LLC at 1424 Warner St. for $50,000.


Diana Dolev to Korn J W Properties LLC at 1411 Forsythe St. for $66,000.
Buncher Co. to GBC PA Pittsburgh LLC at 2840-2920 New Beaver Ave. for $22,000,000.
GBC PA Pittsburgh LLC to IIP PA 8 LLC at 2840-2920 New Beaver Ave. for $41,750,000.
High Return Pittsburgh MultiFamily Fund to Gonzalez Acquisitions LLC at 1506 Superior Ave. for $157,500.

Observatory Hill

Gregory Gribble to Megan Maclellan at 3939 Dewey Ave. for $141,000.
Erin McCabe to Paul Kowal and Leah Larkin at 3015-3017 Perrysville Ave. for $162,000.
Gale Gundersdorff to Tyler Wisniewski at 207 Perryview Ave. for $135,000.
Wiles B Property Resource Group LLC to GCS Georgia LLC at 109 Watson Blvd. for $50,000.

Perry Hilltop

Pittsburgh Investors Group LLC to TNS Capital LLC at 417 E Burgess St. for $23,500.
Wiles B Property Resource Group LLC to GCS Georgia LLC at 111 Maywood St. for $25,000.

Spring Garden

Equity Trust Co. Custodian FBO 2001 to Citylife North LLC at 1304 Firth St. for $65,000.
Alan Dunn to Mark Steven Rawlings at 2418 Lindell St. for $75,000.

Spring Hill

1110 Haslage LLC to Shane Paul Riley at 1110 Haslage Ave. for $196,000.
Charles Hunt to Hannah Dobbs and Katharyn Gaslowitz at 27 Solar St. for $12,000.

Summer Hill

Julia Viola to Thomas Weir and Kristin Yahner at 3508 Sirius St. for $150,000.
Kelly Rohrer to Randy Lee Bunting Jr. and Caleigh Ana Bunting at 3524 Sirius St. for $250,000.

Troy Hill

Colarossi House LLC to Oscar Ponce De Leon and Maria Laura Salas at 1141 Brabec St. for $206,000.
Jo Ann Rauluk to Fortunae LLC at 1306 Lowrie St. for $7,000.

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