Allegheny City Central

Daisy Xiang Kelly to Scott Frantz at 712 N. Taylor Ave. for $263,000.
Todd Meyer to Michelle Gilboy at 513 Armandale St. for $355,500.
Heather Johnson to Damon and Alecia Dawn Young at 1405 Buena Vista St. for $595,000.

Brighton Heights

Ronald Channing to Jinjian Gao and Xueqin Zhang at 1276 Benton Ave. for $85,800.
Mark Moraca to Stephen Donnelly and Richard Collage at 1471 Benton Ave. for $232,000.
Matthew Pegula to Rachid and Kellie Ware Seabron at 1110 Cornell St. for $285,000.
River Point Renovations LLC to Chido Vera at 3963 Kleber St. for $233,000.
Roberta Spanos to Amanda and Nicholas Burkhart at 3944 McClure Ave. for $189,900.
Alexander Bahur Jr. trustee to Philip Jandrokovic at 3638 Purdue St. for $155,000.


Michael Overholt to William Rogerson and Jonathan Warner at 1617 Myler St. for $137,500.


Edward Turk to Mauritz Joseph Loyal Doubt and John Tonio at 1514 Geyer Ave. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $22,116).
Janet Schmidt to Brightwood Holdings LLC at 2812 Shadeland Ave. for $50,000.

Perry Hilltop

Janet Gunter to Carina Kooiman at 418 Chautauqua St. for $81,000.

Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill Development Corp. to Jean Wenner at 111 Bonvue St. for $170,000.
Joseph Shahin to Jason and Samantha Miller at 3823 Evergreen Road for $110,000.
Shirley McIntyre to Bridget and Teresa Gadberry at 3608 Perrysville Ave. for $130,500.
Real Estate Solutions TR LLC to Joshua Fischer at 3616 Perrysville Ave. for $212,000.

Spring Hill

Iris Jacob Yovel to Lucas Blazejewski at 173 Zang Way for $45,795.
Trudy Hite et al. to Ryan Curtis Sippel at 1914 Bader St. for $130,000.

Summer Hill

Shawn M Pepper Simcic to Bradley Hawthorne and Karena Bender at 4469 Highridge St. for $146,000.
Harry Abbott to Kelly Bruder at 120 Van Buren St. for $70,000.

Troy Hill

Florence Sossong to Samuel Morris at 1404 Lowrie St. for $70,000.
SG Capital Partners LLC to The Dexter Group Trust at 1957 Straubs Lane for $25,352.
Rishi Jindal to Robert Thibadeau at 47 Waterfront Drive for $468,750.
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