Brighton Heights

Robert Plata II to Jeane Beerman at 120 Bookbinder Circle for $176,900.
Homes 4 Comfort LLC to Willis and Alexandra Berkshire at 3938 California Ave. for $280,000.
Joseph Mackrell III to Patricia Taylor at 1141 Cornell St. for $91,500.
William Schneekloth to Kyle and Dana Patrick at 3653 Harbison Ave. for $202,000.
Matthew Livenspire to Elyse Ponish at 1539 Pennock Road for $150,000.
Dominic Demangone to Kimberly Tymous at 2011 Termon Ave. for $230,000.

East Deutschtown

Estate of Esward Staiger Jr. to Rightway Management LLC at 840 E. Ohio St. for $150,000.

Photo Antiquities to JSF Madison CMPI LLC at Turtle Way for $450,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Sara Thompson to Wesley Williams and Sharon Steed at 1215 Middle St. for $330,000.


David Resanovich to Orchard Capital Group LLC at 1224 N. Franklin St. for $90,000.
Marshall-ShadelandRuth Chorherr to Garrett Miller at 2718 California Ave. for $40,000.
Gethsemane Place LLC to Jazmine Henderson at 1043 Woods Run Ave. for $20,000.
Deborah Pekorny to Joseph Barnes at 1217 Woods Run Ave. for $1,200.

Observatory Hill

PA Coldstream LLC to Briann Moye at 101 Dunlap St. for $99,000.
Scott Hallam to Carolyn Beilfuss at 4024 Franklin Road for $177,000.

Perry Hilltop

Jordan Robert Mitro to Quinn McAlary at 2596 Magnet St. for $4,000.

Spring Garden

Estate of Herchal Rapp to Mummy Buys Houses LLC at 2925 Reekes Way for $25,000.
Mummy Buys Houses LLC to Donaldson Property East LLC at 2925 Reekes Way for $30,314.
Estate of Herchal Rapp to Mummy Buys Houses LLC at 2905 Spring Garden Ave. for $25,000.
Mummy Buys Houses LLC to Donaldson Property East LLC at 2905 Spring Garden Ave. for $31,814.

Spring Hill

Cheryl Juratovic to Jonathan Gaslowitz and Hannah Dobbs at Solar St. (VACANT LAND) for $4,100.
Rockefeller Enterprise LLC to Palaizzi Properties LLC at 28 Woessner St. for $29,500.

G & S Holdings 2003 LLC to Vanessa Diggs at 204 Essen St. for $68,000.

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