Allegheny City Central

Warrior Development 2 L.P. to Timothy Benz at 1226 Sherman Ave. for $280,000.

Allegheny West

Gloria Rayman to Hayley Watters at 1009 Galveston Ave. for $275,000.

Brighton Heights

James Brenner to Jing Lin at 1017 Benton Ave. for $26,000.
Greg Manganas to LeVaughn Robinson and Ivorie Law at 1265 Benton Ave. for $200,000.
Jason Kos to Cash for Homes Pittsburgh LLC at 3700 Brighton Road for $156,000.
Gabrial Angel Figueroa Jr. to Austyn Lee at 1104 Cornell St. for $201,500.
Kathleen Dutzik to Thomas and Judith Flaherty at 3480 Simen Ave. for $319,000.
Janice Held to Walter Visage Jr. at 1608 Termon Ave. for $198,000.
Caldwell Holdings LLC to RAA Real Estate LLC at 1708 Termon Ave. for $90,000.


Faye D Luppe Mesnar to James and Faye D Luppe Mesnar at 1511 Compromise St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $13,224).

Historic Deutschtown

St. Matthew Evangelical Lutheran Church to Urban Impact Foundation at 600 E. North Ave. for $430,000.
October Development & Construction Co. LL to Jerry and Kimberly Y Cross Hughes at 1400 James St. for $250,000.


Peter Barner to Jeffrey Rigo and Camille Goleb at 1420-1422 Liverpool St. for $30,000.

North Shore

Pittsburgh Urban Redevelopment Authority to Light of Life Ministries Inc. at 234 Voeghtly St. for $150,000.

Observatory Hill

Cynthia Keefer to George and Tanyadee Reyes at 4118 Grizella St. for $125,000.
Maria Wiegand to Sheradan Pyles at 115 Richey Ave. for $165,000.
Oakstone Capital LLC to Derek Mason Jr. and Asia Sade Mason at 130 Richey Ave. for $178,000.
Alexander Greif to Donald Lynch at 52 Perryview Ave. for $241,000.

Troy Hill

Susan Scott to Alfred and Geralyn Kasprowicz at 1810 Lowrie St. for $147,500.
Jeffrey Manganello to David and Gayle Thomas at 10 Waterside Place for $475,000.

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