Allegheny City Central

Ralph Caruso to Paola Andrae at 1208 Loraine St. for $46,000.
Jason Jevack to Bela and Narahari Sastry at 1215 Reddour St. for $590,000.

Allegheny West

Michael Zappa to Vincent and Kaitlyn Neiswonger at 917 Brighton Road for $596,900.
Ronald Meisberger to Mark Hollingsworth at 1005 Galveston Ave. for $340,000.

Brighton Heights

Antonio Bradley to JW Korn Properties LLC at 1809 Davis Ave. for $64,900.
Michelle Hottenfeller to Walter Buchanan at 3150 Frederick St. for $10,000.
Raymond Niehaus to Hot Metal Holdings LLC at 1217 Ribb Way for $21,750.
1809 Termon LLC to JT Brothers Rentals LLC at 3245 Rothpletz St. for $130,000.
Cory Weiland to Billie Jo White at 114 San Pedro Pl for $190,000.

East Deutschtown

Daniel Vitchoff to Bradley Richard at 851 Suismon St. for $155,000.


Adam Wachter to Jamie Nicole Donne at 1937 Mountford Ave. for $129,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Nicholas Kyriazi to Matthew Boone and Katherine Bonadies Marchand at 528 Hemlock St. for $315,000.
Jennifer Safron to Benjamin Weaver and Maura Massucci at 508 Lockhart St. for $487,000.


Scar Invests LLC to Lepalais LLC at 6 Boston St. for $55,000.
Edwin Badoo to VB One LLC at 1410 Casement St. for $60,000.
Omari & Sons LLC to Hussein Amberwa at 1119 Hodgkiss St. for $30,000.

Spring Hill

Carl Gussenhofen to D Morningstar Properties Inc. at 2208-2212 Gershon St. for $70,000.
Cessalie Harris to J Inman Properties LLC at 1915 Rockledge St. for $90,000.

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