Allegheny City Central

Adel Fougnies to Michele Petruccelli at 708 N. Taylor Ave. for $384,000.
Estate of Rose Ann Galuska to MNC Realty LLC at 1223 Sandusky St. for $154,150.
Brad Spencer to Derfler Investments LLC at 700 Armandale St. for $250,000.
Jennifer Hursh to BLN Properties LLC at 418 W. Jefferson St. for $10,000.

Brighton Heights

Stephanie Lewis to Alexa Nayman at 610 Brighton Woods Road for $161,900.
Rienzi Suero to Patrick and Barbara Foye at 4012 California Ave. for $218,150.
Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. trustee to Anthony Lee Kennedy and Jerry Clay Kennedy Jr. at 1803 Fairlee St. for $32,500.
Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC to Bessemer Terrace L.P. at 1918 Morrell St. for $75,000.


John Gibson to Anthony Amato Palmieri and James John Deklavon at 125 Fountain St. for $35,600.

Historic Deutschtown

Cody Harding to Matthew Gillespie at 1411 Porterfield St. for $145,000.


Manchester Youth Development Center Inc. to Manchester Educational Foundation at 1214 Liverpool St. for $3,000,000.
B Wiles Property Resource Group LLC to GCS Georgia LLC at 1617 Manhattan St. for $19,000.
Pittsburgh City to Moshood Martins at 1448 Stedman St. for $6,100.

Observatory Hill

Crystal Hinnebusch to Arletta Wilkes at 3622 Baytree St. for $78,000.
Melissa Smallwood to Beechco LLC at 48 Tretow St. for $65,828.
Allen Bower to Jason Bower and Mary Zimage at 105 Waldorf St. for $180,000.

Perry Hilltop

John Musgrove to Walz Street Venture LLC at 620 Chautauqua St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $39,900).
Donna DiCarlo to Brightwood Holdings LLC at 3 Magnet St. for $12,000.

Summer Hill

Estate of Faye Davis to James and Michael Barkley at 180 Ivory Ave. for $75,866.

Troy Hill

Gregory Coates to A & B Renovation LLC at 1825 Ley St. for $50,000.

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