Allegheny City Central

Ellyn Inc. to Craig Chu and Charles Allen Mills at 102 E. Jefferson St. for $220,000.

Brighton Heights

Estate of William Hawkins Jr. to Devline Inc. at 3772 California Ave. for $100,000.
Robert Tobolski to Richard Vinski and Ronald Julian at 1537 Cooper Ave. for $205,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Daniel DelCampo to Sylvia Harris and Sharon Conrad at 904 James St. for $70,000.
Adam Rothenberg to Daniel and Maria Gardner at 420 Pressley St. for $480,000.


Camelback 9 LLC to Chestnut EQ R6 LLC at 2339 Atmore St. for $1,643.
John Vereb to RMR Rentals LLC at 2651 McDowell St. for $35,000.
Michael T Hogue Jackson to Joel and Laila Davis at 1157 New Hampshire Drive for $130,000.

Spring Hill

Patrick Coleman to Christopher Cassady and Stephanie Wallace at 909 Haslage Ave. for $100,000.
Neil Morris to S & M Real Estate & Restorations LLC at 2149 Harbor St. for $35,000.
1138 Southside LLC to Daniel Leber at 1138 South Side Ave. for $62,500.

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