Northside Property transfers: August 12-16, 2013


Residential and commercial real estate transactions from the week of August 12-16, 2013.

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Brighton Heights
AA Holdings 2005 LLC to Kyle and Melissa Barry at 3834 Brighton Road for $64,900.
Mark Milligan to Charles Gasper at 3544 California Ave. for $32,400.
Barry Swartzwelder to Addison Henc at 3142 McClure Ave. for $72,500.

HS Holdings LLC to Kenneth Brumm Jr. at 1529 Eckert St. for $30,000.
Marsha Garver to Kelly Hall at 848 Grand Ave. for $23,000.

Central Northside
Dale Davis to Patrick Dexter at 113 Alpine Ave. for $43,000.
Lawrence Fisher to Patrick and Stephanie Johnston at 1512 Garfield Ave. for $285,000.

Historic Deutschtown
Steel City Housing Solutions LLC to Family Heirloom LLC at 1212 Middle St. for $23,500.

Tonya Bonner to Andrew Powell and Michelle Nathani at 1245 Sheffield St. for $104,000.

Observatory Hill
Estate of John Zawacki to Pennsylvania Conference Assn. Seventh Day at 4023 Evergreen Road for $84,500.
AA Holdings 2005 LLC to Kyle and Melissa Barry at 4000 Franklin Road for $69,900.

Perry Hilltop
Albert Dorsch to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 230 Mayfield Ave. for $1,608 by sheriff’s deed.
August Lewandowski Jr. to Nathan Potts and Tricia Henning at 3024 Norwood Ave. for $125,100.

Spring Hill
Dennis Bourbeau et al. to Samuel Armfield at 1019 Norris St. for $78,500.
AA Holdings 2005 LLC to Kyle and Melissa Barry at 1922 Rockledge St. for $59,900.

Summer Hill
Terence Oliver Parham to Christopher Richard and Sara Eizabeth Booz at 3528 Sirius St. for $80,000.

Troy Hill
Orange River Properties Ltd. to Realty Choice Investments LLC at 1328 Lowrie St. for $19,000.

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