Northside Property Transfers: Aug. 8-12, 2016


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Brighton Heights

Jason Kane to Tonya Beasley at 3595 Elmhurst Ave. for $107,900.


Estate of Randy Newill to SATAFH Holdings LLC at 1312 Gifford St. for $18,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $44,275) by sheriff’s deed.

Rizzitano Properties LLC to Tara Harris at 1368 Oakhill St. for $90,000.

Estate of Mark George Stasenko to Angel Ojeda Estevez and Logen Fogal at 1047 Woods Run Ave. for $29,900.

Central Northside

Chad Cowan to Meredith Brill at 402 N. Taylor Ave. for $367,200.

Meredith Michelle Centner Kahler et al. to Christopher Scott Storm and Colleen Marie Kachlic at 1513 Federal St. for $330,000.


James Eubanks to Jenaya Dixon at 648 Toboggan St. for $5,000.

Historic Deutschtown

JD & CD Inc. to Timothy Brown and Heidi Bartholomew at 621 Foreland St. for $449,000.


Ivor Hill et al. to Flashpoint Properties LLC at 1305 Allegheny Ave. and Pennsylvania A for $455,000.

Observatory Hill

Nancy Stark to Caleb Jack at 4104 Grizella St. for $83,000.

Adam Puhak to Zachary and Erin Larimer at 3007 Norwood Ave. for $175,000.

Perry Hilltop

Brandon Martin to OGR Realty 3 L.P. at 2114 Perrysville Ave. for $16,000.

Pauline Adams to Deutsche Bank National Bank Co. trustee at 2655 Ellis St. for $11,053 by sheriff’s deed.

John Wilson to OGR Realty 3 L.P. at 2345 Perrysville Ave. for $160,000.

Spring Hill

Nathaniel Levitt to SS Allegheny LLC at 1311 Diana Place for $5,026 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $62,560) by sheriff’s deed.

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