Northside Property Transfers: Aug. 29-Sept. 2, 2016


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Brighton Heights

MM Legacy Holdings L.P. to Aniket Hirebet at 3809 California Ave. for $128,000.

Estate of Rita Giglio to Tracie and Weston White at 1007 Davis Ave. for $95,000.

Vincent Pallus to Donita Thomas and Devann Brunn at 3442 Gass Ave. for $119,000.

Maggie Kutschbach Bailey to Danielle Pastin at 3611 Purdue St. for $194,000.


James Tunney to IBuyPittsburgh Inc. at 1412 Casement St. for $9,000.

Ellen Mixon to Deutsch & Assoc. LLC at 1423 Evandale Road for $24,675.

James Tunney to iBuyPittsburgh Inc. at 1413 Forsythe St. for $3,000.

Bank America to Deutsch & Assoc. LLC at 1258 Thelma St. aka Trimble St. for $11,000.

Central Northside

Terrence Moore to Justin F Kennedy trustee at 1214 Sherman Ave. for $50,000.

John Hancock III to Jude Hays and Sukanya Romyanon at 1527 Arch St. for $5,000.

James Gilson to Valerie Valore at 504 Jacksonia St. for $302,500.

Kenneth Balch to Cody Harding at 1411 Porterfield St. for $70,100.

Historic Deutschtown

Michael Drudy to Joshua and Sara Glover at 615 Avery St. for $200,130.

Perry Hilltop

Carl McBane to Albert John Mayowski III at 404 Bark St. for $14,665.

Pro Equity LLC to Rebecca Metzger at 215 Marshall Ave. for $30,000.

Spring Hill

Josepine Zawojski Collins to Michelle Matthews and Dustin Yenick at 1334 Rescue St. for $95,500.

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