Northside Property Transfers: Aug. 25-29


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Brighton Heights

Marianne Schultz Fox to Louis Carter LLC at 3255 Bainton St. for $11,660.

Kym Smith to Bank New York Mellon trustee at 3730 Hiawatha St. for $2,054 by sheriff’s deed.

Darrel Morris to Christopher and Ann Stetser at 3501 McClure Ave. for $165,000.

Mary Marlovits to Matthew Berardi and Pamela Jordan at 1530 Pennock Road for $141,900.

Roger LePage Jr. to Brian Wallace at 3522 Simen Ave. for $160,000.

Brad Curran to Rebecca Trzeciakowski at 317 Squire Circle for $140,300.

Keller Morgan Property Solutions LLC to Emmanuel and Andrea Wiggins at 1216 Termon Ave. for $136,000.

Estate of Viola Sekela to Terry and Kathy Lowe at 1826 Wittmer St. for $10,000.


Birmingham Holdings LLC to Mustafa Erbilen at 2342 California Ave. for $10,000.

Chim Okwuowolu to William Dever at 1306 Malden St. for $12,000.


Richard Graham to Y & Q Management Inc. at 1238 Success St. for $21,000.

Central Northside

Alfred Meyers to 42K Properties LLC at 1209 Resaca Place for $610,000.

East Deutschtown

Community Alliance Spring Garden East Deutschtown to Homestead Property Ventures LLC at 810 Tripoli St. for $175,000.

Triamond Corp. to Suzan Semroc at 840 Tripoli St. for $180,000.

Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Tripoli Lockhart L.P. at 850 Tripoli St. for $27,500.


Federal National Mortgage Assn. to Darlene White Natale and Katie Ann Dellich at 9 Carrie St. for $7,500.

Historic Deutschtown

Team Properties LLC to Matthew and Melissa Woodhouse at 1200 Middle St. for $110,000.


Pittsburgh City to Brett Weinheimer at 1325 Adams St. for $4,001.

Observatory Hill

Donald Walko Jr. to Jeffrey Welnick at 3025 Mt. Allister Road for $143,000.

Donald Carlson et al. to 3931 Ventures LLC at 3931 Perrysville Ave. for $6,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $91,740) by sheriff’s deed.

William & Jefferson Inc. to Sara Lacroix at 229 Waldorf St. for $165,000.

Troy Hill

Linda Dulski to Frank Cunniff at 1827 Lowrie St. for $38,000.


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