Northside Property Transfers: Aug. 22-26, 2016


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Brighton Heights

Addie Weaver Bruce to Darlene Kent at 1517 Davis Ave. for $60,000.

Pittsburgh City to Trish Weiblinger at 3627-3629 Mexico St. for $4,000.

Michael Pozelock to John and Meredith Naples at 2026 Stonelea St. for $206,900.

Joanne Standish to Kerry and Lona Huffman at 1807 Viruth St. for $114,500.

Quality Homes Investments LLC to Eric Cornell at 3817 Wilksboro St. for $174,900.


Margie Urgitus et al. to New Lockhart LLC 7 RE 247 LLC at 3123 Oxfield St. for $26,000.

Clara Maggio et al. to Banc California NA at 3127 Oxfield St. for $3,386 by sheriff’s deed.


Pittsburgh City to Darneice Bivins at 1938 Sedgwick St. for $200 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $1,035).

Central Northside

Leon Lee Dorswey to Todd Meyer at 1606 Brighton Road for $6,000.

Justine Goode Cunningham to Jennifer Hursh at 418 W. Jefferson St. for $50,000.


Annie Carver to LSF9 Master Participation Trust at 1707 Warren St. for $3,245 by sheriff’s deed.

Historic Deutschtown

James Orris to Francesca Montgomery at 919 James St. for $150,000.


MM Legacy Holdings L.P. to Meggles Development LLC at 1219 Liverpool St. for $190,000.

Observatory Hill

Jeffrey Lucas Huckestein to GLX Properties 1 LLC at 3106 Norwood Ave. for $35,000.

Spring Hill

Estate of Robert Horton to Jie Peng Lu at 1421 Hetzel St. for $119,000.

Frances Title to Chad Schwartz and Nicole Hart at 1421 Hetzel St. for $74,500.

Matthew Radeck to O’Brien Radeck LLC at 932 South Side Ave. for $10 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $61,694).

Troy Hill

Richard Sestric to Alyse Marie Horn and Henry Pyatt at 1617 Froman St. for $127,717.

Charles Ambrass Jr. to Good Value Properties LLC at 1612-1614 Lowrie St. for $75,000.

Richard Sterner to Casey and Lisa Mezyk at 19 Waterfront Drive for $525,000.

Andrew Devonshire to Nickolas and Tracy Certo at 84 Waterfront Drive for $790,000.

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