Northside Property Transfers: Aug. 15-19, 2016


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Allegheny West

Randall Gilbert to Christopher and Darlene Yanakos at 911 W. North Ave. for $299,900.

Hill Property Investments LLC to Arete Property L.P. at 901 905 Western Ave. for $750,000.

Brighton Heights

Renn Murdy aka Tokar to Henry and Charlotta Dragenflo at 3532 Gerber Ave. for $136,500.

Robert Snead to Dayna Watson at 1560 Hubbard St. for $54,000.

Gyro LLC to S2C LLC at 1516 Orchlee St. for $35,000.

John Grabowski to Kathleen Dutzik at 3480 Simen Ave. for $5,000.


Louis Carter LLC to Michael and Barbara Berzite at 833 Marshall Ave. for $159,900.

Kenneth Allan Bernardi Jr. to Rosanna Colucci at 3205 Central Ave. for $3,000.

Wilmington Savings Fund Society FSB to JA Home Investors LLC at 1520 Superior Ave. for $32,500.

Central Northside

Blest Investment Group LLC to Holly Shriver at 1416 Boyle St. for $295,000.

Allegheny City Central Assn. to N2 Properties L.P. at 237 Carrington St. for $35,000.

East Deutschtown

Marc Anthony Management Co. L.P. to Benjamin Wilston at 821 Lovitt Way for $63,000.

Observatory Hill

Russell Caputo to Observatory Hill Development Corp. at 217 Bonvue St. for $22,500.

Bayview Loan Servicing LLC to Mustafa Kizilkaya at 3794 East St. for $15,000.

Janet Snowden to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 3616 Perrysville Ave. for $3,444 by sheriff’s deed.

Estate of Grace Feddes to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 3400 Portola St. for $2,670 by sheriff’s deed.

Scott Potter to Dannic Properties LLC at 56 Waldorf St. for $76,750.

Perry Hilltop

Wayne Lipscomb to Cynthia Kowalski at 1845 Clayton Ave. 102 for $126,500.

JPMorgan Chase Bank NA to Devon Lane at 2326 Maple Ave. for $9,800.


Darnell Searles to Vincent and Pamela Calfo at 1207 Columbus Ave. for $354,000.

Spring Garden

Martin Masterino to Gestalt Property Development at 1209 Spring Garden Ave. for $60,000.

Spring Hill

John Daman to Louis DeVito and Cariktb Matys at 2137 Harbor St. for $59,000.

Summer Hill

Dennis Reitlinger to Chelsi Riordan at 4520 Valley View St. for $134,900.

Troy Hill

Urban Roots Development LLC to Symmetry Estates LLC at 1134 Goettman St. for $25,000.

Troy Hill Homes LLC to Jonathan Mitchell Hoffmann at 2181 Lowrie St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $81,765).

Matthew Lanning to Robert Bruce and Jean Wade Hamilton at 1239 Troy Hill Road for $240,000.

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