Allegheny City Central

Timothy Cline to Paul Lewis Diana and Jill Yesko at 1524 Monterey St. for $510,000.

Brighton Heights

Lawrence Stephen Wilson to Brandon Windecker at 3528 Massachusetts Ave. for $55,000.


Yur Service LLC to 4th House LLC at 3144 McClure Ave. for $19,266.
DTH REO Inc. to Christian Mendez at 1152 Ridgeland Drive for $14,900.
Bruce Lenz to Robert and Justine Dutcher at 2615 Stayton St. for $50,000.
Chandler Real Estate Holdings LLC to Yicheng Wang at 2617 Stayton St. for $54,000.

Observatory Hill

Annamarie Finucan to Thomas and Mary Mulroy at 3635 Baytree St. for $132,500.
Doi Nguyen Hill to Reasonably Priced Homes LLC at 3886 East St. for $104,000.
Todd Nonn to Sarah Williams at 3201 Orleans St. for $175,000.

Spring Garden

Daniel Gitzen to Raymond Cessna at 2328 Spring Garden Ave. for $26,000.

Troy Hill

Sandra Tivo to 32 Cherry LLC at 2100 Straubs Lane for $33,237.
Ingrid Nagin to Denise Mervis at 1621 Wickline Lane for $232,000.

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