Allegheny City Central

Estate of Martin Davis to IHHWT LLC at 1714 Buena Vista St. for $110,000 by sheriff’s deed.

Allegheny West

Dustin Taylor to Derwin and Darlene Rushing at 834 Beech Ave. Unit 2 for $210,300. 

Brighton Heights

John Naples to Patrick Dempsey and Nicole Marks at 1410 Davis Ave. for $220,000.
Michelle Silva to Ricardo Williams and Michelle Comport at 1159 Flora St. for $130,000.
Cory Rectenwald to Wilfred Gallart III and Sara Cannon at 1725 Kleber St. for $194,000.
Mojo Properties LLC to SWPA Property Management Group at 3319 McClure Ave. for $87,500.

East Deutschtown*

1301 Grandview 1 LLC to Bloomfield Enterprises LLC at 849 Suismon St. for $39,000.


Sarah Mendak to Paul Laure and Mark Webb at 2915 Cake Way for $54,900.
Estate of John Holesh to JLA Properties L.P. at 2343 McCook St. for $37,400.
Estate of Wayne Golebiewski to David White at 3178 McClure Ave. for $72,000.

Spring Garden

Warren Broz to Luckey Capital LLC at 1116 High St. for $15,000.  

Spring Hill

Dara Stern to Jonathan Kowalski and Bridget Meacham at 1109 Haslage Ave. for $225,056.

Sydney Michael Solomon to George Reffert Jr. at 2109 Harbor St. for $25,000.

Christopher Janssen to Martin Long and Kendall Brooke Hoffman at 2102 Rockledge St. for $120,000. 

Michael Zagger to Art Basmajian trustee at 1120 Shirls St. for $42,000.

Summer Hill

Estate of Stanley Rutkowski Jr. to Tristan Tortella at 145 Ivory Ave. for $67,500.
*Editor’s note 5/5/2020: This neighborhood name was originally noted as East Allegheny. We regret the error. 

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