Brighton Heights

Raymond Barringer Jr. to Carlos A Ramos Manihuari and Emily Ramos at 3521 California Ave. for $230,500.
David Weems to Joseph Anglim at 1613 Falck Ave. for $200,000.
David Irwin Water Jr. to Gregory Flannigan and Thomas Swiech at 1833 Kleber St. for $258,000.
John McBurney to Future 2020 Management LLC at 3833 Oswego St. for $82,500.
Dylvan Cole to Thornbridge Investments L.P. at 2058 Stonelea St. for $75,000.


Jamison Grier to Rewind Properties LLC at 914 Manhattan St. for $20,000.
Jamison Grier to Rewind Properties LLC at 916 Manhattan St. for $20,000.


Robert Linn to Art Image America LLC at 3120 Brighton Road for $15,000.

Welcome Hill to David Gerard and Valerie Michelle Miller at 1051 Woods Run Ave. for $54,000.*

Observatory Hill

Michael Mellish to SFR 3 LLC at 105 Dunlap St. for $47,480.
Sandra Srsic to Prashan Thiagarajah at 4127 Franklin Road for $37,500.
Ronald Garrett to Michael and Emily Trombly at 137 Ivory Ave. for $54,000.

Summer Hill

Gavin Crain to Giuseppe Lazzaro at 375 Chapin St. for $160,000.
Estate of James Filbert to Gregory Cummings at 3625 Manuel St. for $106,000.

*Editor’s note 5/5/2021: This listing was previously listed as located in Observatory Hill. We regret the error.

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