Allegheny City Central

Jennifer RoweJohaski Pavlick to Edward Villella and Amy Manfredi at 202 W. North Ave. for $585,000.

Brighton Heights

Josef Novak to Timothy Meehan at 318 Lamplighter Circle for $184,900.

Diane Hanville to B & B Capital LLC at 3861 Brighton Road for $125,000.

Donald Pelissier to Zackary Hayes at 1612 Davis Ave. for $180,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Klein Family L.P. to Leslie Blaha at 528 Avery St. for $267,500.

Riverstone Property Solutions LLC to Daniel and Julia McDowell at 520 Pressley St. for $350,000.

Roberta Neal to James Gregory Keenan at 519 Hemlock St. for $2,500.


Ahmed Martin to Stephen Hallam and Ricardo Rivera at 1327 Liverpool St. for $175,000.


Christian Buggey to Dobson Street Partn. LLC at 352 Marshall Ave. for $67,000.

Perry Hilltop

Charles Sanders to David Ziegahn at 717 Chautauqua Court for $37,500.

Spring Hill

Estate of Soniann Foster to Samuel Shay and Lucy Schoyer at 1026 Haslage Ave. for $75,000.

Troy Hill

Kelly Rohrer to Marissa Gallagher at 1420 Lowrie St. for $225,000.


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