Allegheny City Central

BLN Properties LLC to Steven and Meaghan Regal at 418 W. Jefferson St. for $90,000.

East Deutschtown

Bridgehouse Properties LLC to Kyle McIvor and Adolat Pulatova at 858 Lovitt Way for $55,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Charles Heidlage to Alden and Rebecca Mae Merchant at 910 Cedar Ave. for $520,000.


Lagunita Investments L.P. to Barbara Walker at 1409 W North Ave. for $350,000.


John Markovich Jr. to Andrew Allen at 2810 Wadlow St. for $8,000.

Observatory Hill

William Ralston Jr. to Charles Beech Properties 100 LLC at 3611 Baytree St. for $12,000.

Perry Hilltop

Colin Dorsey to Reginald Maurice Wilkins and Carly Jean Smittle at 1924 Perrysville Ave. for $35,000.

Spring Hill

Mike Yost Jr. to Celina Okada at 1106 S Side Ave. for $5,000.

Troy Hill

Estate of Ludwig Suchacek to Daniel James Rectenwald at 1942 Ley St. for $85,000.

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