Allegheny City Central

Kevin Walker to ZMF Property IV Lp at 1204-1208 Boyle St. for $119,500.

Brighton Heights

A & C Holdingz LLC to Hof I REO 5 LLC at 3537 California Ave. for $80,000 by sheriff’s deed.
JV Homes LLC to Haven Home Builders LLC at 3534 Massachusetts Ave. for $38,000.


Elizabeth Thomas to Bradley Anderson at 145 Henderson St. for $312,000.


Anthony Gittens to Pittsburgh Real Estate Invest Group LLC at 2714 Holbrook St. for $24,900.
Gethsemane Place LLC to Eugene Baker and Yolanda Pogue at 3041 Shadeland Ave. for $122,000.

Observatory Hill

Kevin Cameron to Zach Jarvis at 4056 Vinceton St. for $135,000.
Louis Comport to Li’s Investment & Management LLC at 3011 Viola St. for $19,900.
Emily Klosterman to Dawn Uzdale at 241 Waldorf St. for $263,125.

Perry Hilltop

One Pine 8 LLC to Sage Notes LLC at 309 E McIntyre Ave. for $2,307.
Sage Notes LLC to OBPA LLC at 309 E McIntyre Ave. for $3,000.
Robert Cook Jr. to Erwin and Tracy Ward at 300 Kennedy Ave. for $32,400.

Spring Hill

George William Labancz to Shavonne Johnson at 1115 Shreve St. for $192,500.

Summer Hill

Ally Rulander to Michael Miller at 3654 Colby St. for $150,000.

Troy Hill

Principal Real Estate Investments LLC to Edwin Thomas Sprague and Mary Alison Sanders at 2039 Eggers St. for $245,000.

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