Brighton Heights

Lorraine E Knight Butko to AT-ST 2 LLC Series H at 1021 Benton Ave. for $42,000.

Matthew McCarthy to Justin Mullen at 808 Brighton Woods Road for $171,500.

Kathleene Saunders to Casimir and Stephanie Olszewski at 3737 California Ave. for $75,000.

He4003 L.P. to LCD Properties LLC at 3437 Fleming Ave. for $190,000.

James Norton to Adam Ross at 3539 Fleming Ave. for $18,000.



Jamie Lynn Norton to Greenbush Holdings LLC at 2624 Stayton St. for $5,000.

California Kirkbride

First National Bank Pennsylvania to Osman Muya at 1105 Island Ave. for $90,000.

East Deutschtown

Kenneth D’Appolonia to Evan and Emily Gelacek at 821 Tripoli St. for $60,000.


Historic Deutschtown

Sunoco Retail LLC to 7 Eleven Inc. at 310 Cedar Ave. for $1,769,000.

Ruth Ann Dailey et al. to Clarke & Jo LLC at 820 Suismon St. for $45,000.


Observatory Hill

Dean Walker et al. to Robert and Brenda Pettit at 4146 Perrysville Ave. for $129,000.

Perry Hilltop

Kenneth Nauman to Shane Collins and Brandon Tallon at 2712 Perrysville Ave. for $53,000.

Summer Hill

Renee Vandall to Edward King Jr. and Jessie King at 287 Morrisey St. for $84,000.


Troy Hill

Equity Trust Co. Cust FBO Mary Lou Wojcic to New Cross LLC at 1505 Claim St. for $85,000.

Jason LeClair et al. to Johad Ellis at 1721 Harpster St. for $205,000.


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