Northside Property Transfers: April 14-18, 2014


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Northside residential and commercial property transfers from the week of April 14-18, 2014.

Brighton Heights

Patricia Mastele estate et al. to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 1027 Benton Ave. for $3,115 by sheriff’s deed.

Shana Marcinik to Mary and Lyle Graber at 3733 California Ave. for $125,000.

David Andre to Joshue Bertram and Chloe Ellise Kuhns MacCarty at 3565 Gerber Ave. for $129,500.


Brightwood Civic Group to Jermaine Younger at 3234 McClure Ave. for $6,533.

Central Northside

October Real Estate Holdings LLC to Macy Lucy LLC at 100 Jacksonia St. for $344,000.

East Deutschtown

Alfred DePasquale to Kristi Lynn Mineweaser at Suismon St. for $9,005.

Alfred DePasquale to Kristi Lynn Senko and Kristopher Gregory Mineweaser at Suisom St. for $9,005.

Mary Ferrence estate et al. to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 850 Tripoli St. for $1,937 by sheriff’s deed.

Pittsburgh Landmark Group LLC to Shlomit Talisman Zyskind at 827 Vista St. for $47,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Bryan Jeffers to RRK LLC at 718 Cedar Ave. and 719 Moravian Way for $160,000.

Margaret Eichner to Peter Barner at 604 Middle St. for $15,000.


Elnedia Barrow to Chaton Turner and Andre Smith at 1104 Bidwell St. for $285,000.

Patricia Ann Lewis to Mary Dopler at 1120 Pennsylvania Ave. for $121,500.

Observatory Hill

Craig Laurenson to Mark Ray at 57 DeFoe St. for $157,000.

Stacey Lynn Zearott to Erica Sumpter at 4041 Grizella St. for $113,000.

Spring Hill

Theodore Motta to Randal Miller Jr. at 1032 Goehring St. for $75,000.

Summer Hill

Estate of Camille Anne Schulties to Ronald Reinheimer at 4454 Sovereign St. for $114,500.

Troy Hill

Estate of Patricia Chubeck to Federal National Mortgage Assn. at 1413 Troy Hill Road for $1,800 by sheriff’s deed.

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