Allegheny City Central

Patrick Glowacki to Cartus Financial Corp. at 1234 Wolfrum St. for $245,000.
Cartus Financial Corp. to Cela Management & Investment LLC at 1234 Wolfrum St. for $245,000.
Kimble Hicks LLC to Three Rivers Properties LLC at Jacksonia St. (Vacant Land) for $75,000.
Pittsburgh City to Richard Garzony at 1412 Loraine St. for $2,324.
Pittsburgh City to Richard Garzony at 1414 Loraine St. for $2,324.
Pittsburgh City to Frank Andrew Kartesz at 1416 Loraine St. for $4,067.

Brighton Heights

Kiran Shetty to Rickey Lee Dean at 117 Cobbler Cir for $160,000.
Sean Mahoney to Loretta Maierhofer and Denise Quinn at 1147 Cornell St. for $198,900.
Silvia Santana to Jonathan and Brittany McComas at 3505 Diploma St. for $131,661.
Geoffrey Devore to Michael and Maribeth Perry at 2032 Termon Ave. for $186,500.


Landmarks Development Corp. to Kelsey Benigni at 1405 Pennsylvania Ave. for $250,000.


AABBCDE Trustee 17 LLC trustee to Ferrell Holdings LLC at 2812 Wadlow St. for $22,900.
Estate of Eugene Brannon to Brandon Valorie at 3007 Wadlow St. for $7,700.

Observatory Hill

Jet Glo Properties LLC to Shanell Robinson at 3776 East St. for $45,000.
Stephen Hugo to Anthony Pagano at 3510 Perrysville Ave. for $36,424.

Perry Hilltop

NCRC Housing Rehab Fund LLC to Nicholas Sangregory at 210 Langley Ave. for $170,000.
Kimberly Irvin to Edward Coffey Jr. and Adrienne Coffey at 116 W Burgess St. for $17,748.

Spring Garden

Amos Financial LLC to R & P Holdings LLC at 1228 Itin St. for $28,000.

Spring Hill

F & S Quality Homes to Andrea Johnson at 2107 Harbor St. for $150,000.

Troy Hill

Thelma Csurilla to Brabek Properties LLC at 1112 Brabec St. for $31,700.
Justin Reiner to Carla Laughner at 1336 Truax Way for $78,000.

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