Brighton Heights

John Repko to Susan Christensen and Sarah Benson at 3525 Gerber Ave. for $305,000.
John Kralik to Nadia Jones at 3978 Kleber St. for $135,000.
John Brennan III to Jacob Greco at 945 Sagwa St. for $160,000.
Joseph DeFilippo IV to Robert and Hannah Roach at 2035 Termon Ave. for $255,000.
Estate of Jack Kaiser to Gerard Salac III at 3927 Winshire St. for $80,000.


Estate of Raymond Wolfgang to Rearden LLC at 1704 Meadville St. for $77,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Jennifer Marburger trustee to Naomi Buffington et al. and Lynn Gamble at 511 Tripoli St. for $455,000.


Linsey McDaniel to Anthony Cafardi and Timothy Ehmnn Jr. at 1431 W North Ave. for $292,000.


Jeffrey Siegel to Jin Yon at 1306-1308 Complete St. for $119,850.

Robert Steigerwald Jr. to C & C Linhart LLC at 1320 Complete St. for $3,000.

David Myers to C & C Linhart LLC at 1543 Eckert St. for $20,000.

Deutsch & Assoc. LLC to Ashley Armstrong at 1423 Evandale Road for $122,900.

Jonathan Codilla to Sherman Jones at 2409 McCook St. for $18,000.

Observatory Hill

Michael Lamar Evins to ARL Realty 1 LLC at 3870 East St. for $45,000.

Brian Pinter to Michael Alicea and Perry Tiberio at 3076 Marshall Road for $370,000.

Spring Garden

Terrance Glenn to Equity Trust Co. at 1304 Firth St. for $35,000.

Spring Hill

Saddle Properties LLC to Mir-932 LLC at 1606 Walz St. for $28,000.

Troy Hill

Stephanie Schilling to Christian Niemeyer and Natalie Virbitsky at 2101 Lautner St. for $192,000.

DavKel Properties LLC to Matthew Schmidt at 1920 Lowrie St. for $157,500.

Estate of Edward Ambrose to No Good Deed LLC at 1708 Rialto St. for $150,000.

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