Northside Property Transfers: April 10-14, 2017


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Brighton Heights

John Pusateri to Sky Iron Capital LLC at 1206 Benton Ave. for $55,000.

Maria OnyshkoWalter to Samantha Pace at 4035 Brandon Road for $71,000.

Evan Szramowski et al. to Max Corn at 3715 Hiawatha St. for $88,000.

Heike Schulz Fuggetta to Kathleen Favorite at 3946 Kleber St. for $66,500.

Patricia Illig to Patricia Illig and Matthew Froehlich at 1819 Morrell St. for $1 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $79,465).


Green House 1 LLC to Taylor Takacs trustee at 3132 Shadeland Ave. for $5,000.

Catherine Pelligreno to Kimberly Woodard at 2810 Stayton St. for $82,000.

Vickie Proudley Walton to William Dereich at 1522 Superior Ave. for $85,000.

Historic Deutschtown

Kira Lathrop to Bethany and Mark Skosnik at 526 Avery St. for $300,000.
Fredrick Workman et al. to Davis Properties Holding Co. LLC at 606 Cedar Ave. for $400,000.
N Davis Enterprisese LLC to St. Peter’s Residence L.P. at 500 Lockhart St. for $450,000.
Kyle Crawford to Abigail Henderson at 602 Middle St. for $168,400.\


Lamman Rucker to Old Allegheny Investments LLC at 1419 Columbus Ave. for $60,000.
Patricia Williams et al. to Old Allegheny Investments LLC at 1421 Columbus Ave. for $50,000.
Manchester Housing Development LLC to Michael Stewart at 1410 Juniata St. for $274,500.

Observatory Hill

Keybank NA to Robert Strovers at 4025 Perrysville Ave. for $87,000.
Wells Fargo Bank NA to Mustafa Kizilkaya at 319 Venture St. for $22,500.

Perry Hilltop
Judith Ann Nauman to Square One Holdings LLC at 2247 Federal Street Ext. for $19,000.
Margaret Morgan to Derek Morgan at 229-231 Marshall Ave. for $54,200.

Spring Hill

David Juracko to Square One Holdings LLC at 1810 Rhine St. for $10,000.
Joseph Schwartz to TD Visions LLC at 1910 Rockledge St. for $54,900.
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