Allegheny City Central

Gregory Mucha to Brandi Rae and Hannah Hollee at 703 Armandale St. for $279,000.

Brighton Heights

Theresa Scott to Penn Pioneer Enterprises LLC at 3407 Brighton Road for $64,000 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $77,406) by sheriff’s deed.

John Sigmund to Clinton Branchen at 1259 San Pedro St. for $159,900.

Jerin Miller to Chi Chan and Kathryn Barr at 1913 Termon Ave. for $290,000.


2562-2564 Centre Ave PA LLC to David Truong at 1522 Brighton Place for $202,500.

East Deutschtown

Paul Interval to John Kubilus at 828 Concord St. for $252,000.


Rosemary Anderson to Golden Key Development LLC at 1401 Hodgkiss St. for $24,000.

John Ortseifer Jr. to Brightwood Holdings LLC at 2709 Pitler St. for $38,000.

Arlinda Moriarty to Ramzi Mustafa at 3241 Brighton Road for $60,000.*

Observatory Hill

Brian Escobedo to Kevin Bryan at 3839 Perrysville Ave. for $116,288.

HSBC Bank USA NA trustee to Golden Key Development LLC at 23 Watson Blvd. for $20,000.

Perry Hilltop

William Lacher to KS Max LLC at 738 Maginn St. for $24,757 (state deed transfer stamps indicate a value of $68,172) by sheriff’s deed.

First Marshall Trust #1027300 to Gerald Fabiszewski at 2730 Shelton Ave. for $26,000.

Estate of Leroy Tillman to First National Bank PA at 2436 Wilson Ave. for $20,000 by sheriff’s deed.

Spring Garden

MD Sala Uddin to Suraya Akter at 1273 Voskamp St. for $10,000.*

Spring Hill

Robert Richard Gerstberger to Mohammed Ettadouni at 1101 S. Side Ave. for $48,500.

*Updated 4/5/2019 These listings were originally placed under the wrong neighborhoods.


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