Northside Property Transfers April 1 to 5, 2018




Allegheny City Central

Norman Beals III to Gyorgy Fekete and Heath Maksin at 1700 Buena Vista St. for $391,500.


Brighton Heights

Rodney Stauffer to Barr Property Development Inc. at 1514 Davis Ave. for $42,000.

Peter Grindeland to Robert West at 3640 Harbison Ave. for $145,000.

Gary Marquis to Jacklyn Farrow at 3827 Wilksboro St. for $112,000.


Estate of Dolores Lacki to JTG Real Estate LLC at 3166 Brighton Road for $17,000.

Equity Trust Co. Cust FBO #200251015 IRA to Mary Ann Johnson at 49 Courtright St. for $18,000.

Stephanie Jadlowiec Etter to Deutsch & Assoc. LLC at 1430 Forsythe St. for $28,000.

George Handyside et al. to East End Group LLC at 2922 Shadeland Ave. for $42,000.

East Deutschtown

Michael Vivar et al. to Lucky Holdings LLC at 903 Constance St. for $4,000.


Observatory Hill

Observatory Hill Development Corp. to Alexander Kasprazak and Katherine Hazelton at 34 Bonvue St. for $180,000

Perry Hilltop

David Amerson to Joshua Guckert at 1845 Clayton Ave. for $70,000

Spring Garden

Edward Davies to Shane Johnston at 1704 High St. for $10,000.


Spring Hill

Marguerite Tallon to Heather Derbish at 910 South Side Ave. for $13,800.

Summer Hill

Wiley Properties LLC to Sara and Rusty Rocus at 265 Chapin St. for $139,000.

Josh Hartle to Frank Phillips at 4629 Mt. Troy Hill Road Ext. for $138,000.

Troy Hill

Timothy Imhof to Michael Imhof at 1600 Hatteras St. for $36,300.

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