Northside mural aims towards ‘Breaking the Cycle’


Photo by Alyse Horn
Cameron Simpson adds his creative touch to the mural being painted on the side of the Northside Coalition for Fair Housing, 1821 Brighton Rd.

By Justin Criado

Roberto “Mad Max” Maxwell painted from a high-lift 20 feet off the ground.

The Pittsburgh tattoo artist was working with area youth on a mural to cover the side of the Northside Coalition for Fair Housing building, 1821 Brighton Rd., as part of the MLK Community Mural Project.

The organization aims to help area youth by giving them jobs and initiatives to work towards during the summer.

The theme of the mural is “breaking the cycle,” which refers to the temptation that street life can have on youngsters, according to artist Wolfgang Mosaic.

Miami-native Mosaic is a mentor and artist for MLK Mural, who travels to other cities helping youth explore art.

“They have to come up with drawings or pictures instead of writing ideas down,” Mosaic said. “Anyone can write something down. We want them to show us.”

Some ideas participants came up with were the dangers of drugs and alcohol, the importance of education and staying focused on personal goals.

Photos by Alyse Horn

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Steven Bermudez and Cameron Simpson working on the “Breaking the Cycle” mural.

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