Northside Housing Court cases


As part of our duty to keep our readers up to date on the latest Northside news, we publish Northside housing court cases as we’re made aware of them. We are unable to provide details on the specific violations at this time. We are also unable to provide details about individual rulings. Dates provided are scheduled court dates for each violation.

Honorable Robert P. Ravenstahl Jr., 3880 Perrysville Ave. – January 16, 2012 at 9 a.m

FRANK BUCKNER III for violation of code CONT’D 302.4 at 2301 HOLYOKE ST.

JEROME F. CHRISTY for violation of code 302.4 at 2921 SPRING GARDEN.

RICHARD AND IRIS A SMITH for violation of code 307.1 at 209 VENTURE ST.

DAVID F AND KAREN R HAGER for violation of codes 116.1,302.7 and 302.3 at 33 WATSON BLVD.

PATRICIA M. META for violation of codes 116.1, 302.7, 302.4, 305.1, 304.13 and 304.15 at 1101 WOODS RUN AVE.

KEVIN AND RAMONA DONAHUE for violation of code 704.2 at 1215 SCHIMMER STAKA 3050 WADLOW ST.

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