Northside Employment Center relocates to NSCM


This month Northside Common Ministries will be the new host site for the Northside Neighborhood Employment Center funded by the City.

Jay Poliziani, director of NSCM, said the employment center is one of six in the city and will also be the same location, 1601 Brighton Rd., as the ministries Financial Opportunity Center that is funded through Neighborhood Allies. The financial center focuses on helping people improve their budgeting skills, repairing credit, opening bank accounts, and becoming more stable financially. Poliziani said the financial center and the Neighborhood Employment Center will help people “get jobs, retain jobs, and advance their economic situation.”

“We are excited to be one of the neighborhood employment center host sites,” Poliziani said. “It is a great opportunity for people in our shelter and who utilize the food pantry to access more expansive services.”

Other services offered by NSCM are  free tax preparation, a utility assistance program and a GED classroom  for folks in the community.

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